Ep 03-Blockchain in the CFA, VC funding trends, Goldman goes Main St

0:35 News Highlights
7:24 Democratization of Startup Financing
10:15 VC Funding Report by PWC
12:10 Venmo Payments
14:04 Cryptocurrencies on the CFA Exam
16:25 BlackRock looks into crypto and blockchain
18:58 Goldman get into credit cards
22:00 Final Bytes

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Article Links
Democratization of Startup Financing

VC Funding Report by PWC (Q2 18)

Be careful where you venmo! Fraudulent transfers are up, and it’s just too easy to send money to the wrong person

The CFA Institute, whose grueling 3 level program is adding cryptocurrencies and blockchains to its Level I and II topics to its 2019 exams

$500 million Bank of America to Invest $500 Million in Technology to Drive Innovation and Sales

2030 – Vision Plan 2030 in Saudi Arabia

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